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Andie McPhee

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Computer Geek Needed....Send My Way [21 Sep 2005|01:54pm]
[ mood | Computer Hating ]

I was doing the project on my computer when suddenly my computer decided to freeze. I may be smart but I'm not a computer person. Brother Jack, dearest? Would you come and try to fix my computer. I really need it fixed by the end of the week. I simply CANNOT hand this in late. I have never gotten a late mark and I'm not about to now.

I thinking of running for class president. It's a big forte for someone who has just move to Capeside but I have always wanted to run. Maybe I can make a difference in this school and make it a better place for everyone. But I still need a running mate. Does anyone know of anyone who would make a good running mate?

Dawson and Pacey, or should I say, Decent and Proper only a good days (hee..hee..hee)have gotten back from their road this. I don't know much else. I'm missing out on everything now that my computer isn't up and running. Please save me from my technological dependant self. <333333 Everyone

OT:My computer sucks. It really does. Its in the repair shop. And I'm told there's a huge back up for things to be fixed *randomly stabs computer*. So it might be a few weeks. I can get on the internet every few days until I get my up and working at it *scowls at computer* I hate my HP. Everyone tells me Dell is no good but HP isn't any better. Luckily its still under warenty but I miss my computer.


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Homework Again [16 Sep 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

I just got my first of 1000 A's on my English paper. I also joined almost every single club at the school. There is never too much when it comes to Harvard. I spend most of my time at home. I try to keep Jack company at the Icehouse sometimes but Mom needs me at home.

I got Pacey back for tricking me into him being a police officer. Now the entire town thinks he's going to die.At least he dyed his hair back brown. To think he was going to use peroxide. Silly Boy XD

*not visible to Pacey*

Does anyone know if Pacey has a girlfriend?

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New School, New Beginnings. [15 Sep 2005|02:36am]
My brother Jack and I just moved to a new school in Capeside today. Small school. Hopefully someone will look at me and think something other then 'Gee, she's really smart'.

Everything was going along great until this Pacey guy came along and crashed his Dad's cop car into the front of my car. At first, I thought that he was really a police officer. I was so afraid he was going to take my permit away from me. I just got it two weeks ago.

Turns out that he was just screwing around with his Dad's cop car and wasn't a cop after all. I went down to the station to find out for sure. There is no officer Pacey. He made me late for first period history class. Being late for class is bad enough but on the first day? Unspeakable.

I decided to try out these meme things. They seem kinda neat.

Your Birthdate: August 25

Your birth on the 25th day of the month (7 energy) modifies your life path by giving you some special interest in technical, scientific, or other complex and often hard to understand subjects.
You may become something of a perfectionist and a stickler for details.
Your thinking is logical and intuitive, rational and responsible.

Your feelings may run deep, but you are not very likely to let them show.
This birthday makes you a more private person, more introspective and perhaps more inflexible.
In friendships you are very cautious and reserved.
You are probably inventive, and given to unique approaches and solutions.

Hmmm....that isn't me at all. Maybe the perfectionist but I'm nothing like that. Stupid Meme.
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